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California Crosspoint Academy

California Crosspoint Academy (CCA) is a fully accredited preschool to 12th grade school in Hayward, CA. Our excellent academic track record makes us one of the top schools in the nation. Our well-loved Crosspoint Kids Preschool starts the journey and continues through our high school providing a seamless education.

Our mission is to see students transformed through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and Bible- based, Christ-centered instruction so they may be thoroughly equipped to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives.

Contact us today to learn more about this award-winning private school! 

El Sobrante Christian School

ESCS integrates a strong Biblical Christian World view into everything we teach. 
From music class to math, God is the center. 

We believe that God's word is the source of all truth and should be the foundation from which Christian Education begins.

We are committed to reinforcing Christ-centered values in all that we do, thus enabling our students to impact their families and community through service for Christ.

Harvest Christian School

Harvest Christian School serves faithful parents in educating and shaping students to joyfully pursue the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty found in Christ, within a distinctively classical education.

Grades: Kindergarten-8th

Keith Stonefelt at (510) 897-1309 or e-mail at [email protected] to purchase tuition.

Lighthouse Baptist School

The mission of Lighthouse Baptist School is to assist parents in educating and equipping their students to develop a heart for God, to cultivate a sound biblical worldview, and to prepare students to positively impact their families, churches, communities, and country for Jesus Christ. 

Grades: Kindergarten- High School

Keith Stonefelt at (510) 897-1309 or e-mail at [email protected] to purchase tuition.

North Hills Christian School

Love God. Serve Others. Change the World. 

Grades: Kindergarten - 12th

Keith Stonefelt at (510) 897-1309 or e-mail at [email protected] to purchase tuition.

Patten Academy of Christian Education

Patten Academy of Christian Educations serves an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student population in an urban setting, providing an excellent education within a supporting learning community which challenges student intellectually and spiritually.

Grades: Elementary - High School

Keith Stonefelt at (510) 897-1309 or e-mail at [email protected] to purchase tuition.

Redwood Christian Schools

The mission of Redwood Christian Schools is to provide a Christ-centered education which is able to equip students for daily living and eternal life.

San Francisco Christian School

The purpose of this school shall be to glorify God by training and encouraging God’s people to worship God and to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) from the Outer Mission of San Francisco.

Victory Christian Academy

We exist, in partnership with families, to provide a nurturing and challenging educational experience in a Christ-centered community, where students are renewed in the image of their Creator and are equipped to live out their God-given purpose for His glory and the good of others.

Walnut Creek Christian Academy

Walnut Creek Christian Academy educates the whole child by cultivating the mind, heart, body, and soul for Christ!

Elementary – Middle School

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